Company Xtreme ItalyThe Company Xtreme Italy was founded in order to ensure as much as possible the comfortable recreation and organization of the comprehensive leisure for the clients visiting Italy as much as possible. When offering the various recreation, we are specialized in organization of individual tours and excursions adjusting to the client’s requests.

Xtreme Italy always:

  • prepares the unique program, which is based on the client’s preferences;
  • guarantees the comfortable rest filled with impressions;
  • adjusts to the client’s desires and interests;
  • organizes the route, the client shall agree the duration and whereabout on an individual basis in accordance with the personal preferences;
  • is committed to the principle of individual approach to all requests of the client;
  • gives assistance in search of a program combining the rest, extreme and interesting pastime;
  • appreciates and has respect for each client;
  • renders the services according to the highest standards.

The tours announced on the site can be taken into consideration as basic ones, but the final program will be approved after its customization. This is precisely why the company "Xtreme Italy" is:

a team of specialists integrated with broad idea

Our staff doesn’t number 400 employees, but we name ourselves as the "Mighty Handful", because we can orientate ourselves clear and quickly in the most urgent offers of the tourist market by making the personal recreation programs. As consequence we ensure 

 a magnificent service

Understanding of the client’s wishes and the maximum attention of our employees are the main mission statements of our company. Thanks to 6 year work experience, we offer the most popular directions and make the programs taking into account the seasonal prevalence. It becomes possible thanks to
 intuition and responsiveness

In the first few minutes our employees gain the maximum mutual understanding: we divine your intentions and offer the programs and tours, which are filled with the necessary emotions: somebody is impressed by the insolent extreme, and somebody prefers touring by a luxurious sport car. We know how to afford pleasure, and make only the advantageous offers.


 attention to all wishes 

The tours are worked out personally. Duration, route, exit date, stops and other details are agreed with our clients on an individual basis. On the site there are the ready programs, but it is easy to transform each program into the individual tour.

 the most advantageous seasonable offers

In our list of offers we have the seasonable programs suited to every fancy, but the most important thing is that it is easy to change the cost of the these tours depending on the selected route, ordered hotels and many other nuances.
 reliability and guarantee

When you apply to us for the assistance in making and organizing the individual tour it means that you will obtain all the necessary information and the completely prepared programs.Tours, programs and excursions to Italy

Right now you can make the following steps in the online mode:

  • to evaluate the ready tour-offers;
  • to find out more about the personal programs;
  • to write to us;
  • to draw up the application for making up a tour or an individual program.

The Company Xtreme Italy is a mix of many-sided programs combining the Italian landscape with the amazing views, appetizing cuisine, entertainment filled with adrenalin and real enthusiastic emotions making such programs unique and unforgettable.

Company «Xtreme Italy»: we know what it is - the vacation of your dream!